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Meritverse is a user-owned network. The people making the network valuable should be the ones reaping the rewards.

How do I create an account?

You can easily create an account by signing in using your wallet address or ENS. We pre-created accounts for wallets that have artefacts of work in them already.

Which data can I show on my profile?

As of now, you can link your Discord, Discourse, GitHub and soon your SourceCred and Coordinape. We're building an open data ecosystem where anybody will be able to contribute data-sources that are helpful to paint a comprehensive picture of someone as a professional.

How can I earn Merit?

You can earn Merit by making the network more valuable. By creating an account, adding data and skills and by bringing on board new people in the network.

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Enabling better communication collaboration & hiring

It is hard to collaborate with people if you don't have any context.

Get to know the skills, past contributions, pronouns, time-zones... of the people you're working with. This makes it easier to communicate. Tap into the areas of expertise people bring to the table and increase your resource allocation.

Are you a DAO looking to improve coordination?

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